France- A Haven For Tourists

France is full of tourist spots, both those that are on the charts and does that are a bit harder to find. Whether you are an adventurer that wants to explore the country by yourself or an ordinary tourist following the paved lines from the location to the site, you will find a lot of breathtaking sights.

Those of you who aren’t keen on standing in the line to climb the Eiffel Tower or other well-known tourist spots might consider a short voyage to the enchanting Brittany.

The Brittany is a very historic region filled with small fishing villages, weather sea ports, and quite rugged, but still very beautiful seaside scenery. This land has many myths and legends, and there is a strong Celtic influence present.

Sandy beaches, ancient castles, and tiny islands are the highlights of this part of the France. If you make this trip, then be sure to visit Saint-Malo (a Breton port hidden by walls), Nantes (with its beautiful chateau) as well as Quimper (a historic little town with a Gothic cathedral and half-timbered homes).

The prettiest sights in the France are not in Paris or other big cities; they can be seen in the rolling hills of the Alsace. There are numerous beautiful villages filled with half-timbered homes all centered on small churches.

There are several more known villages like Riquewihr (full of historic homes) and Obernai (famous for its burgher’s houses), but there are also many other less tourist focused communities in this area.

Colmar is a perfect place to start your tour of the Alsace Villages, so be sure to pack a camera because you will be sorry if you fail to capture all the landscapes you will encounter.

A beach town of the Biarritz, located in the Bay of Biscay, is also a place you must visit. The fact that Empress Eugenie, who was a wife of the Napoleon the Third, favored this place above everything else tells you a lot about the town itself.

Grand Plage beach is at the doorstep of the former Empire Palace, now a hotel. The majority of the sights in this city are connected to the sea (Virgin of the Rock and Museum of the Sea), but don’t let that stop you from visiting the Miremont Tearoom, a place that exists and serves its guests since 1872.

Rocamadour is a well known, but less visited sacred site in the Paris. It is carved into the limestone cliff and, in the past, and it was the third most important holy site. The village has several sanctuaries, but the most famous are the Chapelle Notre-Dame as it contains the Black Virgin. The Black Virgin is a figure of the Virgin Mary that was carved from the walnut wood that darkened over the centuries.

Many people mix France and the Paris as they only get to see the Paris and only a few of the other tourist spots. France is filled with beautiful places and a tourist that wants to see something new will find many of those spots.